Thursday, June 13, 2013


Dear all,

37 weeks, the doctor sent me to the altra sound check for the last time. Unfortunately, Big D still was not feeling necessary to turn upside down for the delivery and our doctor urged us to pick a date for the potential C section . He is worry about Big D's leg position-Big D is standing and he could straightly break my water and maybe stick his feet out of my body- that would be dangerous!

Here we are, 2 weeks earlier than we expected and of course, nothing is ready!

Taiwanese dont do baby showers, people give out gifts mostly after the baby is born and visit the weak and exhausted mother in the recovery center [ which is a great custom for pregnant women! a hotel like baby center where nurses take care of the new born for 24 hours. They cook 5 meals a day for you ,too~]

We have some new born baby clothes, 2 milk bottles, some blankets, half of the baby stroller set, thats all! I even dont have any place to store those baby stuffs. We rush cross street and jump into the lux baby store where we didn't buy anything from there before because they overpriced everything, and grab the first baby storage set we see - the Stokke, of course. It is so overpriced in Taiwan but panic is the best sale man in the world, the American Express flies out and we finally get the first piece furniture for the baby.

Although the baby should be out within 6 days, my hubby still is not molded into the father mood. 30 mins after he drags the half person tall package upstairs, I find out he is laying on the bed with the hockey game on TV........

Well, ready or not, next Monday we will give Big D one more chance to check his position, if he is still standing straight waving to us, we will see him soon next week~~


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