Monday, October 4, 2010

On day in Soder

Maybe because I wrote about Soder, maybe because I am tired of the perfect Ostermalm. B and I decide to go to our old neighborhood---Medborgarplatsen today. It is the next station of Slussen. We get on our old school Swedish bicycles [mean they have only 3 gears] from Strandvagen and 10 mins later we are in Soder.

Soder is still so bohemian and 80's punk as we remember and on the way uphill I meet my childhood idol " Moomin"! I don't know how many of you know who moomin is, Moomin cartoon from Finland was a huge hit in Asia when I grew up.

Although the mascot is only playing with the kids but I still ask him to take a picture with me shamelessly!

After the high light of my day, we pop into a magazine shop we usually went to when we lived here. The shop carries more than 70-100 different mag from USA, England, Italy, Span, France, Sweden and so on. B is a watchaholic and he soon shows me this one:
OMG, this watch is designed by my very respectable school senior mate JW and I am so excited to see his work is on a mag cover! It is crazy to hold a work done in LA here and I am so proud and jealous at the same time! Congrats to M and J W! Stockholm people also love your work~~

Our ultimate goal today is going to shop some Asian food and there is a little shop right behind the apartment we lived before. Here is getting colder and colder, my asian stomach is screaming for some hot soup!! This little shop sells most of asian instant noodles and other goodies from Japan. I find this yummy waffle ice cream today and it makes me a happy girl in Stockholm!