Thursday, December 3, 2009

Designer disease

Since B and I are both designers [the worst part is we both are not interior designers but trying to design our apartment...] , this project is bound to be a big nightmare to my interior design friend who gonna help us to make the thinking into reality..... We have our own thoughts about how we want it, what type of method we want to use, why should we design this way....etc. We basically have opinions about almost EVERYTHING!

In the design book rule No. one: Set up a tone which meets up what the users want!

Luckily we don't need to do lots target research because we are the users!
But it really takes a lot of effort to narrow done what we want at this point.

I started cruising on line and buying interior design magazines to get myself inspired. After a long study and million questions we asked ourselves, here comes the conclusion of what our new apartment should be:

A library+a chic restaurant+ a SPA =our ideal home.

Here are some references I put together. 

Most of the images are from a great website desiretoinspire.