Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The color

Our schedule is tide and somehow I think we are on time.
Yesterday, we started to paint the studio. No need to explain, you can tell what we are up to!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bathroom---I love you

As my opinion, Kitchen and bathroom are the most important space at home.

I always know I want 2 bathrooms, it is scary enough to live with a guy but share the toilet ? No wayyyyyy. Besides, I really enjoy spending my time in my bathroom, I read, surfing on line, listen to music, have long bath, steam myself and have my full mask section. I can easily stay in my bathroom heaven for 1-2hours. I don't want to see B has to pee into the kitchen sink or our mini garden.

Especially a day like today, hard construction work kills my arms and lower back, nothing is better than soaking myself into my eggshell tub [from TOTO]with the book I read about hundred times [ so I don't need to pay too much attention to it.]

Today's recipe is: Harnn / Oriental Herb Bath salt+ Himalaya Magnolia Skin Pampering bubble bath.
I discovered Harnn during our last trip to Phi Phi island and I love their Oriental Herb collection. When I use their Oriental shampoo, my hair has the natural glow the next morning! The smell calms me down and drags me to very sleepy and peaceful place.

OK, enough talking, I am about to slip into my lovely tub, good night.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Update---Ikea, how can we survive without you~

Yes, We swore that we would say goodbye to IKEA for good.

But when you work under a tide budget, IKEA looks much more attractive than usual.
I have to say I used to Hateeeeeeeee IKEA lighting department, but ever since they started the PS series I noticed that they improved a lot in that section!

The lamps look fun and refreshing and we decided to finally say YES to them. Thanks for the free return policy, we took couple possible candidates to the studio for a tryout.
Notice some differences of the wood and cement work?
Our studio is going to be done in 1.5weeks!

See how we gave up IKEA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New project

This comes out from no where, at least, we didn't think this day would come this soon.

We have a new project to work on---we are opening our new studio!

The beginning of this year B and I both discontinued our job contracts with the big corporations. We thought we were going to take some time off and to finish the  leftover projects in our hands. Maybe couple months later we would find jobs in China or Europe.....
Some nice friends heard we were taking a break from regular jobs, they past on some projects and we got busier and busier. Now, the little office place we share with other designers is not enough to us anymore, our shit slowly taking over other people's space. It is about time to get a serious working space for ourselves.

We are in a rush, we can not spend too much time on searching for the perfect spot. Fortunately we soon find a place has good location and reasonable rent. The only drawback is this place is completely empty...{ well...the rent is cheaper than others in the hood for a reason]

We get one month to fix this empty shell into a functional office.
Here is the place looks like now, we see what kind of magic we can play...
we want the first floor, and yes, it is actually a garage

Suppose be the main working area [ in the near future]
This will be our material lab and "get our hands dirty work room"

meeting room~~we love the old rusty window

Little kitchen and rest area for both us and the visitors

Since our home burned a hole in our pockets, we determined to spend as little as we can on this project. Nothing is cheaper than" do it yourself" when it comes to simple wood work. Tonight, we are going to visit B&Q, get some table saw, band saw, air staple!
No worry, we took model construction 1,2,3,4, we will try not to cut our fingers off or staple into our hands. The expensive tuition got to pay off some time some where.