Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bathroom---I love you

As my opinion, Kitchen and bathroom are the most important space at home.

I always know I want 2 bathrooms, it is scary enough to live with a guy but share the toilet ? No wayyyyyy. Besides, I really enjoy spending my time in my bathroom, I read, surfing on line, listen to music, have long bath, steam myself and have my full mask section. I can easily stay in my bathroom heaven for 1-2hours. I don't want to see B has to pee into the kitchen sink or our mini garden.

Especially a day like today, hard construction work kills my arms and lower back, nothing is better than soaking myself into my eggshell tub [from TOTO]with the book I read about hundred times [ so I don't need to pay too much attention to it.]

Today's recipe is: Harnn / Oriental Herb Bath salt+ Himalaya Magnolia Skin Pampering bubble bath.
I discovered Harnn during our last trip to Phi Phi island and I love their Oriental Herb collection. When I use their Oriental shampoo, my hair has the natural glow the next morning! The smell calms me down and drags me to very sleepy and peaceful place.

OK, enough talking, I am about to slip into my lovely tub, good night.


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