Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moved in!!

We moved in right before Chinese New year!! Feb. 13, 2010, the day before Valentines day.
My blog is very slow comparing to the real schedule...I know I know, as soon as the apartment is done, as soon as I have everything set up I will upload more pictures. As soon as......

There were some Chinese traditional preparation we had to fellow when we spent the night in our new apartment. We didn't really complete the whole ceremony but we did greet our house trolls the first morning we slept overnight in the new apartment.

Chinese house trolls are a couple, they handles mainly the kitchen activities. We had to get couple things they really like to eat and presented this feast to them for our future happy life in this apartment with them. Because they were short[ all trolls around the world seems short..] we used a little box as table so they could reach the food.

The little box was facing the stove [where they usually stay around in the house] with rice bowls, rice wine, chicken leg, one fish, and some small side dishes.
[It was cold and early, you can tell by the look on my face...]
Everyone told me that the chicken leg was essential, our trolls would be very unhappy if we forgot to include that in this meal. We lit up some incense candles during the time they should be enjoying their meal and we went downstairs to burn some paper money so they also could buy things in their world..... Then, in a traditional sense, I guessed we officially moved in our new apartment.