Friday, June 14, 2013

New records everyday, My life as a balloon~

Well well well, many people ask how I am feeling  during my last week of pregnancy, I have to admit I never feel more like a balloon than now.

My belly is continuously making a new record everyday and I am horrified by the possibility of getting stretch marks due to my oversize belly! I often feel I could flow if you attach a string to my belly......

We booked a photographer and took some pictures at home last weekend to memorize the high peak of my belly growth~ Little did we know, it grow even more after that!!

A million bellies
WK 36/ 75.9 kg

Photo shoot was exhausting. My lovely hubby bought some chocolate ice cream to cheer me up~ what a sweetie [ he tried to talk me to put the spoon down.... ha. ]

Big D, see you soon~


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - good luck next week! / Louis

AISB said...

Thank you Louis, I hope so,too~

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