Sunday, May 12, 2013

The curves of becoming a mother

Dear B Family,

As you all know, we are on the process of the transformation from a couple to a little family of our own. The AisB Home webpage now is also a place we update the news of our new member- Big D!

This is our 32 weeks of baking Big D, and there are 2 major issues of the current pregnant situation  after the regular check with the doctor last week: 

1. Big D is too big [2100g at week 31st, usually its the weight for baby at wk 34] 

2. Big D is laying on the wrong position [ horizontal instead facing down ]. 

The doctor will later decide if it is safe for me to deliver him naturally or not on week 36.

Now is the update of the carrier herself. Since some of us met each other in Boston, Somethings had changed, mainly about how a woman's curves changed of becoming a mother. 

This is not me , I just also feel as big as a whale now
Before the pregnancy, I wouldn't say I was super skinny [ especially under the Asian severe tiny frame weight standerd] but with a balanced figure. I slowly gained some weight before the pregnancy [ because I broke a bone of my foot and also because some people said it is helping the fertility, haha] I went up to about 60-62 Kg on that time.

2012, Nov. 8 wk pregnancy, I was about 64 Kg. I felt I grew so much on the belly but now look back on the pictures , It was not obvious at all. I could still wear my own clothes.

Wk 12, weight 65.5 Kg. It was the first official recorded check with the doctor, I got my pregnancy hand book. My weight grew pretty fast for the first trimester, I blame on my over joyed appetite. No morning sickness and the growing love of desserts are the main reasons pushing my weight to reach the new height every month. I bought pregnant jeans to wear because my old ones were killing my new waist [ especially those Swedish supper tights!]

2013 Feb.  Wk, 21,  69.84Kg. the doctor recommended to gain not more than 3 Kg for first trimester and 5 Kg for second trimester. I hit the limit in the middle of my second trimester. Maybe you can not tell by the pictures but I was a slightly over weight pregnant woman!

Fortunately I was still capable to do some light work out, such as hiking and swimming. Then I went to USA......

2013, The beginning of Apr, wk 29,  71.6Kg , Just came back from USA. my belly grew very much during the trip . Well, American food is famous for its oversized portion and hidden fat, my belly still got fatten even B and I shared a serving most of the time....and those hiking in San Francisco and coast high way seemed very low impact compare to the growing speed of my belly............

Now 2013 May Wk 32, 74.5 kg !!!!!!!!!!  I was bit worried when the doctor told us that the baby is over expected weight and asking if I should go on special diet !!!!

Now its the first time I reveal the true curves of becoming a mother in the public! 
First picture is taken on 2013 Feb. 1st, wk18 , no morning sickness at all , enjoying my food~~
3 weeks later After the feast during Chinese New Year , Wk 21 The belly really popped out before USA trip.
March 25, Wk23-24, taken in the hotel of San Francisco, there was no mistaken of my very curvy belly! 
We are planning to have a photo shoot with the professional photography, hopefully we can book one before he comes out~


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