Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The fundation, A 30-year-old Apartment

After weeks and weeks of searching, we finally landed our eyes on an old apartment located in the East side of Central Taipei City.

Why this one? OK, first of all, we were smart enough to actually writing done a wish list of what we want to have in the apartment and about where we want to live. I have to admit, although I grow up in Taipei city, there are not too many nice residential areas in the city which we want to live in. We wanted to find an area is chic, convenient, greener than most of business areas in town, a small view of blue sky and right by a subway station. Second, after all the bad bath room and storage problems we had in our previous temporary homes, we also wanted an apartment is bit large for two--more than 100 square meters and better comes in 2 floors.

We did not have much choice and we could not afford the new apartments in the areas we wanted. So when this old but charming 2 floors apartment showed up, I graped it right away! B had his doubt but he soon realized this was a good option after he searched around town. We carefully examined the structure with some professions and history of the apartment, then, we went for it!! In one sentence-- We saw the potential!!

The remodeling process started 3 weeks ago, and we went inside the apartment to take some BEFORE pictures after our wedding. It is quit amazing that we are going to make this oldie a cutie!

The sky is typical a Taipei Grey Blue and I am sure you can tell this is an absolute 30-years oldie~~

Living Room

A bar is in command.

Sad 1 floor bed room used to be for a disable oldie we guessed

That person's bathroom?

A very weird kitchen

Sad 2 floor bathroom

2floor small bed room

2 floor master bedroom facing a school full of annoying kids..........

The other view of the master room

old old walk in closet......I guess it was kinda luxury for 30 years ago in TW..

Roof top

Yes, we believe it has its potential.........haha

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New life, New projects & We never take a break~

Dear all,

As you can see, We started an whole new project right after we moved to a new country, got new jobs, and accomplished our wedding plan.

Yes, The NEW HOME project is coming!

The story started about 3 months ago, we moved to Taiwan for jobs. After nesting in our student-style condo located in LA for more than 4 years, B and I are pretty much ready to get our hands on a real home--completely belongs to ourselves. You see, we traveled a lot between graduation and our first serious job, of course, we had lived in many many many temporary homes. We had rented apartments in Stockholm, Tai-Chung and Taipei city, and many many hotels in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc. .

On top of all the traveling, we also happened to travel with almost everything we had--3computers, 3 laptops, bed sheets [ I love to sleep in my own bed sheets and pillow cases], toys, posters+ artworks, my car models, ski+diving equipments, cooking wares, books, and boxes of clothes and nearly 50 pairs of shoes [ OK. most of them were mine...]. It was extremely tiring and we were so ready to get a stable home-storage place when we finally landed on our work.

Guaala, It comes now! A base in Taiwan we will keep for our future visiting even when we are done with the job contracts. The most exciting part is we finally can put our creativity on something which we have fully control of how we want it looks like! No more teachers, no more stupid bosses! We are THE OWNERS! What a magic word~